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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Should cats be allowed to roam free across our busy roads?

This controversial topic is one that needs addressing for the safety of cats and human road users too.

Campaigners from the CatsMatter group have contacted OTS News. They stated:

“Our aims are to challenge the laws surrounding it being legally ok for drivers to hit a cat and not stop to help and of course the fact that councils, who collect the 'roadkill' in the aftermath, are not obliged to scan them and notify distraught owners. We know personally how this feels having personally lost cats to the road and through our public campaigns we have found the general consensus to be the same as ours - anger and outrage!”

Furthermore, this following extract is by a cat owner who wrote to OTS News and is seeking to improve so-called ‘cat’s rights’…



By CatsMatter Founder, Tiya Ivy

“His name was Henry. But then, if you had stopped to help him, you would have known that from the tags on his collar. I don’t know whether it was his fault because he simply spooked and jumped out in front of you leaving no time to stop, or whether you were going too fast. The vet who did the post-mortem said you were…and that you knew you hit him. Is that true? We’re you being reckless? Maybe you were drunk? There are a lot of things I don’t know about his end, because you just left him. Only you and Henry know what happened that tragic night.”

Our busy UK roads are dangerous places for humans as well as for animals. 

Although one may of course feel sympathy for a bereaved owner of 'any' pet killed on the road, other people have suggested that the question of blame and responsibility for such a death rests exclusively with the cat owner.  

OTS News has reported over the years on numerous lost cats, some of which have been killed on our roads. Again, the responsibility must initially reside with the owner, who lets the pet roam wild in the first place.

Some concerned residents have asked why exactly was the cat permitted to run ‘out of control’ near a dangerous roadway; did the owner not realise that unattended pets are killed in their thousands each years on our roads? 

 More importantly, such a situation may potentially threaten the safety of humans as well as the unfortunate pet.  Public calls for pet owners to be prosecuted for such obvious recklessness have been highlighted before.

Today, many responsible cat owners are realising that roads are certainly not safe places to let their pets wander across. It is also highly unfair to blame drivers for hitting roaming cats that are let out alone in the day, or indeed after darkness.  

The responsible cat owner must ensure that their pet does 'not' roam free and endanger road users.

The same type of vital responsibility also ensures that cats are properly neutered so that they do not add to the appalling cat litter crisis that many cat charities are struggling to cope with at present. Unscrupulous back-street kitten breeding is a serious concern too.

More education is needed for irresponsible pet owners, according to animal experts.  

The RSPCA says… 

Tackling the cat overpopulation crisis

'The cat population in the UK has reached crisis point. Despite subsidised neutering schemes from rescue organisations, more and more cats are coming into our care and less homes are taking in cats. Our centres are full and we're left to pay expensive private boarding fees. Urgent action is needed to increase neutering rates and reduce the number of unlucky cats that end up in rescue centres.'

The RSPCA has warned that it is "full to capacity" due to the soaring number of abandoned and unwanted cats

More on the cat breeding crisis here. 

Responsibility is the key word although many lethargic owners will still not face this essential fact. If you love your pet then why are you letting it roam free on the roads? 

This is not love – it is blatant irresponsibility!

Experts warn on a global scale that wandering and stray cats are also a huge drain on our native wildlife, such as nesting birds and endangered mammals. This is a very serious issue that must be addressed to help halt growing ecological decimation. More housing developments naturally bring in more families with cats that are allowed to roam the surrounding countryside with devastating effect on existing wildlife populations. 

Advice for pet owners with bird-killing cat problems…

The message is that if you love your cat then please be a responsible owner and do not let it roam free. If you do then eventually it may get run over and even cause a fatal road accident for some unlucky family. You owe it to your pet as well to keep it safe!

The CatsMatter campaigners also advise drivers to ...

‘SLOW DOWN.  This is the single most important thing you can do.  If you're driving through a residential area, chances are good there will be cats roaming - particularly at night when they are most active. If you drive slower, there's more time to see and stop quickly if needed...and, in the unfortunate event you do hit a kitty, their odds of survival will great increase the slower you are driving.’

Sadly, some drivers will always drive too fast. However, the most important thing any cat owner can do to stop cat deaths on roads is to stop their pet wandering free. Some cats do have a dangerous habit of rushing out in front of vehicles at the last moment. A driver cannot be blamed for hitting an uncontrolled pet that rushes out, especially on a dark wet night.

One cat death may be tragic to the distraught owner who has allowed the animal to roam free. Nevertheless, the same cat may cause a driver to instinctively slam on his/her brakes and have a serious accident. Human life must also be considered in this instance.

How to report any death or injured animal

‘You can report any dead animals you find on the road to the local council. This includes wild animals like badgers and foxes, as well as domestic pets such as cats and dogs.’

For owners of uncontrolled cats the leading question must be:

“Do you know which roadway YOUR cat is running across today?”

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

In pictures: Supercars of the Northwest - 9 July 2017

Car enthusiasts flocked to see a wide range of vehicles today, at Southport’s Victoria Park.

Supercars of the Northwest

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Eckersley’s Blinds Ltd proudly supporting local golfer and Southport Lifeboat

Eckersley’s Blinds is a Southport family-run business that has been established for over 20 years.

We offer a wide and varied choice of internal and external blinds. We are plantation shutter specialists and also supply roman blinds and curtains. We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer free, no obligation quotes and measures.

Each month our window displays change. The purpose of these displays is not to sell anything but to raise awareness for local charities, events or simply to make you stop and look.

This month’s window display is to show our support as a town for a local golfer, Mr Tommy Fleetwood, who is competing in the Open Championships later this month. 

Kevin, our senior fitter, sourced the signed shirt from Mr Fleetwood's family and Cobra Frames (189a London Street Southport, Tel: 547792) kindly framed it free of charge when they heard it was being raffled in aid of Southport Lifeboat.

We are also offering you the opportunity to write Tommy messages of support, which will be displayed in the windows. This is free of charge and we would love to have the windows covered with lots of messages supporting our very own local golfer, playing the biggest game of his life in his home town.

For any further information please feel free to contact us on: 01704 514 333 or email us at:

PR8 5AB 

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

In Pictures: Intercity Blues Band in Southport

This afternoon the Intercity Blues Band entertained crowds on Southport's Lord Street. 

The band playing by the Diana Princess of Wales water fountain, in front of Southport Arts centre.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

In Pictures: Formby High School - Prom Night 2017

Formby High, Year 11 Prom Night...

Initially meeting at the school, the students went on to the main event at Aintree Race Course.

Pat Regan ©

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Armed Forces Day, Southport 2017

Locals and visitors to the resort were treated with the Armed Forces Day spectacular.

Grand music from the Band of the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment on Lord Street.

Keeping order with dignity and patience. 

George Formby's vocal admirers are never far away.

Plenty of vintage military vehicles to fascinate the enthusiast. 

1953 Alvis Saracen armoured personnel carrier. 

Veterans and younger military staff, all enjoying the day.

The weather stayed dry too, which was a bonus.

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