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Friday, 25 May 2018

Southport’s (and Formby's) Viking Pagan inheritance

The first real evidence of an early settlement in the Southport region is apparently found in the Domesday Book, (completed in 1086 by order of King William the Conqueror) in which the area is termed "Otergimele".

The name is derived from "Oddrgrimir" meaning "the son of Grimm" and is also said to be linked to the Old Norse word "melr" meaning sandbank.

The name Grimm is highly significant as Grimm (or Grim, Grímnir or Grimr) is another name for the great Norse Father god, Odin. The name means Masked or Hooded One, as the god was often portrayed in myth and legend wearing a hood.

In the old Norse Tradition, 'Grim' (Mask) and 'Grimnir' (Masked One) are names accepted by Odin (Anglo-Saxons called him 'Woden') when traveling disguised amongst ordinary mortals. The god also gives his name to towns such as Grimsby.

The Domesday Book states that there were 50 huts in Otergimele, housing a population of 200. The population was scattered thinly across the region and it was at the northeast end of Otergimele (present day Crossens), where blown sand gave way to sandy deposits from the River Ribble’s estuary.

A small community of people occurred at this place. The area provided productive agricultural land and the river itself held stocks of various species of fish.

Francis A. Bailey states that the inhabitants are of “true Viking  descent” in the book…
'The Origin and Growth of Southport'.

 Human activity in the region was recorded from the Middle Stone Age and long before any Norse inroads. This was well before any church-planting Christian missionaries arrived here from the east.  Mesolithic hunter gatherers were fascinated by the plentiful red deer and elk population, as well as the availability of fish, shellfish and usable woodland resources. 

A few miles south of Southport we find Formby. This town was also Viking in origin. 

Formby also gets its name for the god Odin. Formby was previously called Fomisby, (Forni’s village). Moreover, 'Fornebei' is recorded in the Doomsday book.

Viking raiders failed to defeat the native Anglo-Saxons on the coast of Formby. Consequently, they sailed inland up the River Alt, and attacked from the rear.

Naturally, evangelicals have sought to play down the Pagan influence, via quaintly explaining that Forni was simply a man’s (or just a family) name yet the name Forni actually means ‘Ancient One’ and is just another one of Odin’s numerous titles.

Evangelists holding sectarian agendas, relating to mission of the populace, went to quite a lot of trouble to deprive us of our ancient native Pagan legacy.  Through spin, censorship and guile they have sought to rewrite history to suit their one-sided, fundamentalist religious ethos - however this ruse has failed.

Manmade temples of brick, concrete and glass, dedicated to the latest eastern version of the so-called One God may come and go. However, the wild and windswept landscape reminds us of the true spiritual synchronicity of our cosmos of which we are all a vital part. 

The vast influence of our Pagan ancestors and their deities on ancient place names in the UK is considerable.  See also... 

Heathen and mythological elements in English place-names 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Satanic Bananas Hoax Busted

An absurd post that’s being circulated on social media claims…

‘If you see that your fruit contains weird red colour in it, don’t eat it, because a groups of people is injecting fruits with blood containing HIV and AIDS. With the aim of killing millions of people around the world. That is satanism. PLEASE SHARE this post and save others.’

The hot word to note in this spin is ‘Satanism’. This utter nonsense has been lapped up by many bible-thumpers on social media and is virtually being used as some sort of dire messianic warning.

The gist is that they want everyone to believe what they believe. This is that poor old mankind is falling into satanic despair and needs to be saved (by them and their saviour of course). 

Naturally, this is an essential part of their wacky, biblically-oriented, ethos as without Satan there can be no Second Coming of their Messiah. They 'need' a satanic figure in their worldview for without one their god is totally invalid! In this respect the Devil is God’s best friend. Funnily enough I wrote a book on this latter theme...

US Paperback version

UK Paperback version

So basically, if the fundamentalists  cannot find satanic influence they simply invent it, as they did during the mega-costly Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes that were hatched up by fervent evangelicals some years ago. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), HIV cannot be transmitted by water or food. In fact, HIV does not live long outside the human body. Even if the food contained small amounts of HIV-infected blood or semen, exposure to the air, heat from cooking, and stomach acid would destroy the virus. Based on the current scientific evidence, WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are of the opinion that food is not a source of HIV infection.

Sadly for the rampant Christian lobby of believers the Banana Hoax has already been well and truly busted. Fake news does not get much more fake than this. 

Blaming Satanists (or any other minority group) for murder, via HIV infection of bananas is simply more evidence of how twisted and barking mad some so-called ‘true believers’ really are. 

Check these informative links to find out more about this hoax. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Motorcycle racing on Ainsdale Beach 1970s

Professionally- organised sand racing events were a popular attraction on the beach at Ainsdale during the 1970s.

Did you attend as a fan, know anyone there or even win a racing event?

Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Day arrives

Synthetic calendars that are so cherished by that great mind-controlling establishment, the Church, really have no place in the natural seasonal cycle. Mother Nature will decide what is what and when the summer should genuinely commence.

During May Day in northerly parts of Britain we usually have by this time seen eye-catching cherry tree blossom, hanging in attractive pink and white clusters. However, the chilly spring weather appears to be clinging on tightly at all costs.

The so-called ‘Resurrection’ tenet found within death cults like Christianity is nothing more than reworked ideals, artfully grounded upon natural rebirth within the cycles of nature.

The shrewd Church in fact built their Jesus Myth around the seasonal cycle and older Pagan agricultural calendar.

Traditionally, the wonderful month of May gains its name from the Roman/Greek fertility goddess ‘Maia’, mother of the god Mercury. She was equated with Fauna, Cybele and Ops; goddesses who were deeply loved and cherished by the masses.

Fauna's feast day was held on the opening night of May. It was a sacred occasion exclusive to women, as the men honoured Fauna's masculine partner, Faunus, instead. During Fauna's carnival wine and music blended with mystical ritual.  This produced an outlandish yet blissful mixture of reverberation and adulation for the divinity.

Virgil claimed that young folk would venture out at the Floralia celebration to pick summer flowers from field, wood and meadow. Much singing and dancing took place and this natural Pagan love of life has come down to us today in the form of contemporary Maypole/May Day celebrations.

May Queen and King Parades can easily be traced back to ancient Rome and beyond. Roman children happily adorned little clay statues of this goddess with beautiful wild blossoms as a mark of love and respect. The early Church, ever eager to crush Pagan religion, cunningly usurped Flora and swapped her image for one of the Virgin Mary thereby gaining spiritual monopoly over the unsuspecting, censored population.

To trace more origins of May Day in the British Isles we need to look toward the Celtic race.

Beltane: summer starts… 

The Celtic May Day is known as Beltane/Beltaine (meaning Fire of Bel/Bile).

Bel has associations with the Roman Pluto and Dis-pater, Lord of the Underworld/Death. Numerous legends claim he arrived from ‘Spain’ (which is actually a misleading euphemism for the Celtic Hades.) This is plain evidence of early missionary interference with Pagan myth, deviously inserted to deprive Bile of his traditionally divine nature.

On May eve all household fires would be extinguished then later rekindled from a great druidic hilltop blaze outdoors. The Druids, being the Pagan priests of the Celts, believed that it was sacrilegious to worship the gods in dwellings made by mortal man.

Beltane marked the commencement of the Celtic summer and the blaze spiritually connected with the increasing solar power needed to sustain life. It was brought joyously to each homestead as a vital mystical token of new life, which every grateful occupant accepted with a glad heart. The mysterious green life energy was flowing in nature and it couldn't be ignored.

The Celts, unlike many of their predecessors, were essentially cattle rearing folk. Their four most important festivals being: Imolg/Imbolc, (Feb 2nd) Beltaine/Beltane, (April 30th) Lughnasadh/Lugnassad (July 31st) and Samhain (Oct 31st.)

One British legend sees the ruler of the Welsh Otherworld, 'Gwen ap Nudd' (son of Nudd),  mount fierce battle for the hand of the beautiful maiden Creudylad. His adversary is the god Gwyrthur ap Greidawl. This duel took place every Beltaine (May Day) which was the start of the Celtic summer, until the end of time itself.

The old native festivals like May Day that we take for granted hold ancient clues to where we all came from and what we really are today.

Pat Regan ©  

Friday, 20 April 2018

Blocked but now you want my vote?

Open response to Ainsdale Tory Candidate, Tony Brough, from Pat Regan

Dear Mr Brough

Thank you for the invitation to vote for you and your Tory colleagues.  

I must say however, that for pressing reasons (as below) I may sadly have to decline your offer.

Are you aware that your colleague, Cllr Terry Jones, absurdly threatened my family with legal action some time ago? 

Following my reply, Jones was given fair opportunity to respond yet oddly he chose to stay hidden and stay silent? Kindly examine the following news link… 

Southport family threatened with “Legal Action” by Tory leader

ots-regan clansouthport ots onthespot ots

Mr Brough, are you aware that for some inexplicable reason I am blocked by Southport Conservatives from seeing their Twitter?  I presume that this was punishment for daring to stand up to Cllr Jones and other Tories who supported him?

You state in you letter  – “Only a strong Conservative team can make real progress.” 

You will hopefully forgive me for seeing your claim as ineffectual, due to your colleague’s outrageous and childish actions. 

Your claims for a “strong Conservative team” are again proved somewhat futile when we look at previous significant Southport Tory failures. 

Southport election 2016 – Tories hammered into the ground under questionable leadership

In my area, Ainsdale Conservatives went out of their way to block plans to aid residents. Did you fail to notice this? I only ask as you lived, I believe, very close to the Sandbrook Way area at the time of this amazing fiasco. 

Damien Moore MP (a politician that you endorse) has been approached several times about the following childcare outrage and unfortunately failed to provide any reasonable response.

A thousand nurseries close as Tory ‘free’ childcare scheme fails

Moreover, Mr Moore has been accused of “heavy-handed censorship” after blocking many constituents from his social media accounts and deleting their comments. 

My teenage son who has autism tells me that he also wrote to Mr Moore and was simply ignored.

While I appreciate that much of the above may have little to do with you, it is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Are you aware of all the problems previously highlighted involving Southport Tories? There are many other issues that I could highlight as well, wherein the Conservatives have failed badly in this town. 

I’m afraid that your ‘Vote for Me’ letter has not persuaded me that anything has changed regarding the ramshackle and frankly bizarre gathering that is quaintly known as the Southport Conservatives.

You state that Southport only has “two Conservative councillors.”  

Due to the above concerns and numerous other grave reservations, I am very surprised that they have any councillors at all.

Another small example of Ainsdale Tory apathy was during the hard – won fight to save the Brookdale Resource Centre. Ainsdale Tories were never to be seen.


Ainsdale Conservative apathy reached new heights of incredulity during the successful fight to keep Brookdale (Woodvale’s dementia facility) open.

Politicians from both Labour and Liberal Democratic camps arrived to show strong support for the campaign. The fight back was initiated by locals/families who were profoundly concerned for the continuation of the centre, following despicable Sefton Council threats of closure.

However, Ainsdale Ward’s councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill never came anywhere near the campaign or the facility. They showed zero interest!

NB. these OTS News article links remain online because they are true, easily substantiated, 100% accurate and not simply opinion.

My own conviction has always been to help any politician, regardless of party, who can truly help the people and local environment. Ainsdale Tories have failed miserably in recent years on this particular score.

Some of us who are aware of such things ask you sincerely - "Why would we ever vote for more of the same? "  

Like the rest of Southport, Ainsdale needs more assistance. However, backing the wrong political horse will not help any of us in this capacity.

Nevertheless, thank you for giving me this opportunity to broach a few issues that 'should' sincerely concern you in your personal quest for political success. 

Kind regards

Pat Regan 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hesketh Park Southport – how it was

A tribute to a dedicated, time-served, Southport gardener who knew his stuff better than most

My father, Bill Regan, was the Head Gardener at Hesketh Park in Southport for around 50 years.

When I was a boy, dad would take me around the park in the 1960s when he was working in the conservatory and the big greenhouses. His great love of nature was handed down to all his four sons.

Above: Hesketh Park conservatory and the lake today.

Above: Head Gardener, Bill Regan in the conservatory in 1956

Above: Bill Regan (second left) with fellow gardeners during the 1930s

Above: Park staff in September 1935.

WW2 ensured that Bill was packed off to war to combat the Nazis during the 1940s. Unlike many others, he survived and returned to the park.

Dad retired in 1977 from his lengthy park duties.

Above: this was the last photo of dad and I. It was taken on the same cold winter's day in 1977 that he died. He passed on leaving a legacy of great, ‘hands-on’ care in the old park

Pat Regan © 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Curse of the Rip-Off Cowboy Gardeners

Cash-hungry cowboy gardeners are nothing new. As austerity bites deeper, garden work is an area that more than ever is ripe for manipulation by the less trustworthy.

Quotations for jobs, which are questionably low, frequently indicate that something is wrong.

The gardening cowboys, who are often untrained and uninsured, use every trick in the book to fleece home owners out of their hard-earned cash. It is often worth getting several quotations if there is a vast discrepancy in prices. Later add-on fees are not uncommon in the cowboy world. Some of these clowns have little understanding about how to professionally manage their staff. This failing is evident by the way in which their workers frequently leave after unusually short stays of employment.

Were YOU treated unfairly by a cowboy employer? 

Workers do have rights yet some are unaware of them. Have you had a dispute or been treated unfairly, via working for a cowboy firm?

For tree surgery, the Arboriculture Association has a list of approved contractors. 

Unlike the cowboys, responsible contractors pay an annual fee (having been meticulously vetted) and the association has a disputes resolution service. Nevertheless, even experienced tree operators can meet with tragedy.

‘The coroner has advised of the death of a tree surgeon on 23rd November 2016 and issued a ‘Report to prevent further deaths’ under Regulation 28 of the Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013. The deceased was an experienced tree surgeon. Whilst carrying out work the tree surgeon fell approximately 50ft from a conifer tree. The tree surgeon’s life line and flip line were not attached in correct positions, resulting in him being pulled from the tree.’

Therefore, if experienced tree workers can be killed, what chance do greedy, untrained/uninsured cowboys in their rusty vans have? They are a risk to consumers and also a risk to themselves.

It’s essential to ask (and see proof) that the worker in your garden is fully - trained and insured. If he is not then you may not see a penny in compensation if he accidentally drops a tree through your car, wall, patio or greenhouse etc.

UK Wildlife laws are properly considered by 'most' responsible contractors, yet the cowboy with his chainsaw wrongly thinks that they do not apply to him. To the rip-off gardener, wildlife is totally insignificant and simply an annoying hurdle in his way to gaining fast cash.

A nest full of robin, blackbird, thrush or chaffinch chicks splattered all over the ground is of no significance to the cowboy gardener with his big chainsaw, in his quest for your cash. 

The RSPB advises…. 

‘We recommend cutting hedges and trees is avoided between March and August as this is the main breeding season for nesting birds. It is an offence under Section 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 to intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built.’

Element Tree Care sensibly advises… 

‘As contractors it is our responsibility to ensure that work to trees and vegetation carried out within this period avoids any impact on nesting birds. This would be an infringement of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and in breach of The European Habitats Directive 1992/Nesting Birds Directive. Before any work is carried out within this season a thorough visual survey needs to be carried out to ensure there are no nesting birds present or that the intended work will not disturb any birds nesting near to the work site. During this season it should be assumed that nesting birds will be present and therefore it is the duty of the client and contractor to prove otherwise. Although the majority of the responsibility lies with the contractor it is important that as a client you are sympathetic to the laws behind disturbing nesting birds. This may result in work being postponed until all nesting birds have gone. It is also a common misconception that certain bird species are not protected under these laws. In fact all wild bird species are protected, as are any eggs and it is an offence to remove them from an unoccupied nest. The maximum penalty for each offence is a £5000 fine and up to six months imprisonment in the Magistrates court, and a £5000 fine and up to two years imprisonment in the Crown Court.’

Government regulations state… 

What you must not do

You’re breaking the law if you:

  • intentionally kill, injure or take wild birds
  • intentionally take, damage or destroy a wild bird’s nest while it’s being used or built
  • intentionally take or destroy a wild bird’s egg
  • possess, control or transport live or dead wild birds, or parts of them, or their eggs
  • sell wild birds or put them on display for sale
  • use prohibited methods to kill or take wild birds
Some birds, known as ‘schedule 1 birds’, eg barn owls, have extra legal protection. For these bird species it’s also an offence to do the following, either intentionally or by not taking enough care:
disturb them while they’re nesting, building a nest, in or near a nest that contains their young, disturb their dependent young.

You could get an unlimited fine and up to 6 months in prison for each offence if you’re found guilty.

What to do if you witness wildlife crime - Merseyside Police and Wildlife Crime … 

Moreover, reckless tree felling has a very steep price for the unwary fool as the following examples show.

Keith Smith fined £112k for illegally felling trees

Hotel owner ordered to pay £46,000 for ruining a dozen protected trees

Woman fined after felling trees in a bid to increase value of her Lake District home

See also 

Questions remain over the Kew Woods tree massacre… 

WACA misdirection and ignorance is now destroying Woodvale’s ecosystem!

Sefton Tree butchers ignore residents and councillors and go ahead with tree felling

Trees and the fragile wildlife that need them for survival are essential. Trees also provide a green lung for mankind, even in inner city areas. Protect them, they are precious.

Merseyside police

Consumers should beware of the rip-off cowboy gardener and make sure that they employ a genuine time-served professional with the relevant credentials and professional insurance. Having a truck and a bunch of power tools in a trailer is NO guarantee of expert professionalism in this quarter. Damaged property, additional hidden fees, botched or unfinished work etc, are widespread today and householder can only blame themselves when things go wrong if they have given jobs to the cowboy gardeners. 

The watchword for wise consumers must be, if in doubt get a real professional in and give the cowboy the boot today!

Pat Regan © 

See also

In some areas Trading standards officers have previously  reported a surge in cases of what has been dubbed ‘daylight shrubbery’. The gardening cowboys have only one thing in mind and that is your cash. Do not get caught out by these unprofessional rip - off merchants.

Sefton MBC Trading Standards Website 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Delusions of Easter grandeur of a suspended councillor?

Caring, kind and considerate or pompous, presumptuous and self-promoting…

Southport people are to be forgiven if they see a local councillor taking on the role of the Sovereign, Prime Minister, the Pope or even a lowly bishop as somewhat presumptuous with an ‘Easter Message’. 

Barton said… 

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the residents of Southport a very happy Easter and a prosperous and peaceful Year ahead.”

NB. Why he capitalised the word ‘Year’ is unclear.

The media previously reported that Cllr David Richard Barton, who represents Dukes ward in Southport, faces a money laundering charge following an investigation into Barton Park Nursing Home, owned by his parents.

The family deny fraud. 

Sefton Conservative leader at that time, Cllr Terry Jones, confirmed that Cllr Barton was suspended from his party. 

Jones said: “In accordance with the national Conservative party rules, Cllr David Barton has been suspended pending the outcome of the case.”

Of course, some folks get overly suspicious when suspended politicians start issuing religious – based messages of goodwill, especially if these messages are flown in well above their pay grade. 

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Litter picking/eco groups: real concern or vote-hunting?

Southport Labour's latest rubbish - clearing group is of course nothing new.

Many residents have asked the question: Are litter-picking groups led by political activists actually concerned about excessive rubbish or are they simply after our votes?

On OTS Facebook Cllr Tony Dawson stated - and we quote the paragraph as it was written.

“This appears to be a direct copy of the Tory'A' team. They also refused to join the non-political rubbish clearing groups, beleiveing that rubbish clearing requres political purity. They posed for some photos. Lost some elections. And completely disappeared. If only that happened to the rubbish!”

It is true that the Tories did indeed start a litter-picking pre-election group called ‘Love Ainsdale’. Yet following successive defeats this outfit appeared to vanish. Was this the same fleeting Tory group that Cllr Dawson mentioned above?

Above: the Love Ainsdale group. Today the rubbish does indeed remain on the beach as indicated by Cllr Dawson. This has naturally led the public to question the motives behind such groups, directed by political activists.

Before the Labour and Tory groups kicked off the Lib Dems had their 'Rubbish Friends' group.

Above the Rubbish Friends team directed by local councillors.

Before all of this activity the Ainsdale Tories had initiated a troubled eco-group, WWP, (Woodvale Woodland Project) led by an Ainsdale councillor,Ted Hartill. Hartill had really hit the nail on the head, when it came to marking the ‘real agenda’ behind such groups...

A Southport news site reported (14/3/2016) that Hartill had used Facebook to ‘tell the world’ that he disagreed with Cameron over leaving the EU and that he also agreed with the Lib Dems on leaving Sefton. The same news item also underlined the fact that Cllr Terry Jones, Hartill’s Tory chief, had attacked Hartill for wanting “mass publicity.”

Apparent naivety over “close friends” may also be a noteworthy point when we see how Hartill’s purportedly close friend, Jones, told others about his “mass publicity” efforts, regarding the Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) etc. 

It seems that Cllr Jones was not too happy that the “papers were catching on" to Hartill’s “self publicity.” 

Hartill’s actions indicated that he’d used the WWP situation to promote his political agenda and had even bragged about it to others. Hartill eventually resigned his Tory councillor role for various reasons... 

Public volunteers who'd worked hard for the WWP over 9 months were banned from the group by Sefton Council after whistleblowing on the questionable activities within. 

Whether or not all politically - led public eco-groups carry such hidden agendas remains to be seen. 

Yes, it's great to see rubbish cleared up but it has to be done for the right reasons and not just for private or political gain. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

In pictures: Southport - on the wild marsh

Some of us love the desolate wild places. Virtually the only sounds heard originate from the Irish Sea breeze whistling down the creeks, along with the melancholy cries of the curlews, godwits and various geese.

In the above video clip one can see Blackpool initially, then Southport pier in the distance.

Muddy creeks that meander out into the Ribble estuary...

Since time immemorial the pink-footed and greylag geese have flocked in their thousands into the wild marsh.

Geese resting up here with Blackpool Tower, over the Ribble estuary, in the distance.

The grace of the incoming skeins is a wonder to behold, giving a seasonal sense of continuity, year after year.

Canada geese also use the Southport wetlands as a refuge...

Above: a godwit feeding on the marsh. 

Night falls on the old marsh... 

Pat Regan ©