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Friday, 9 December 2016

Salmon Conference

Scarthwaite Country House Hotel

Crook O'Lune, Lancaster, LA2 9HR

 Tea and Coffee served from 10.30am meeting begins 11.00am and finishes 3.00pm

Buffet Lunch will also be served

The agenda will concentrate on actions to improve salmon stocks.

Speakers will include:

· Judy Proctor, Environment Agency Manager for Salmon Five Point Approach
· Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer for Angling Trust
· Other speakers to be confirmed

 The Forum will include plenty of time for Q&A and attendee feedback

If there is a specific question you would like to ask at the meeting please let us know in advance by emailing

To attend please register by emailing

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Woodvale’s Liverpool Road Bottleneck – when will it be sorted out?

When are councillors and the authorities going to address the issue of traffic coming into Southport off the Formby Bypass at Woodvale?

For years, north travelling motorists have struggled for position when entering the bottleneck that forms on Liverpool Road, opposite Woodvale Road.

Cars in the left hand lane are frequently bullied by more reckless drivers to the right, as the road narrows and they vie for position.  

Drivers are frequently unable (or unwilling) to agree on who has right of way and so race ahead to gain advantage. This in turn produces a dangerous situation in which tempers are strained, leading to road rage issues.  

Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece also agrees that the situation is currently unacceptable. He stated…

“You can get stuck behind a vehicle indicating right or from the lights the two merge into one quite rapidly encouraging the motorists to accelerate to beat the other. It is potentially dangerous especially to visitors who are not familiar with this sudden narrowing, which isn’t clearly signed.”

In a perfect world common courtesy between drivers would be all that was needed. However, in reality this bottleneck sees race-track mentality take place, as drivers fight for position.

This creates daily fears and frustration for many drivers. A sensible solution is required.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Another Coastal Road Crash in Ainsdale

A collision between two cars occurred this morning near to Pontins.

Ambulance crews were called to the scene but it is not yet known the degree of any injuries suffered in the collision.   

This section of the Coastal Road (Pontins to the Bridge) was closed whilst emergency vehicles dealt with the situation. 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Southport Xmas Parade is back as the trucks roll on

Southport’s Xmas parade returned to the resort this year. Local resident Adam Brown, was behind this fun-filled festive event.

The celebration is being used to deliver toys for disabled children at Ainsdale's Springbrook centre. 

 Several hundred toy donations came from generous businesses and others.

Springbrook House currently provides respite facilities for children with a range of needs. This includes children with severe learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) as well as children who have physical and sensory disabilities and may be wheelchair and/or technology dependent.

Well done to everyone who took part in or donated to this brilliant event. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Spirit on the river

The River Ribble in Lancashire holds a great deal of history. Once upon a time a Roman fort stood here called Bremetenacum.  Today the river is popular with tourists and anglers.

We occasionally here of spirit photography, a phenomenon in which a ghost is said to be captured by a camera. I noticed one such image in a far distant (and rather noisy/blurred) image that had a silhouetted angler in the centre of the frame and a strange transparent figure to his right.

Seconds after this image was taken the figure (ringed in blue) had vanished without trace.

A trick of the light perhaps or did the fisherman have the company of a ghostly presence, from long ago?

You decide.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Open Letter to Cllr David Barton from Cath Regan, Co-chair of the CARES group

Dear Cllr Barton

I am writing to you because rightly or wrongly you appear to be the ‘only’ remaining semblance of the Conservative Party in Southport.

I am also aware that you are ‘suspended’ from the Conservatives, pending the result of the legal case that you are involved in.

You will, I am sure, be aware of the recent petition that is being presented to challenge an alleged threat to our Southport Hospital services.

The Southport LibDems have also run an article covering this situation on OTS News that you may also be aware of?

Due to you being suspended from the Conservatives my question may seem hypothetical but I shall request your opinion as Southport’s only VISIBLE Tory councillor nevertheless.

Are the Conservatives going to give a media response/statement why they are not backing this vital hospital campaign? Is it for a good logical reason or just sour grapes that they didn't think of it first?

If you cannot answer the above (due to your current suspension) will YOU be supporting this campaign / petition in any independent capacity?

I have signed the petition, although I would have liked an addition somewhere to children’s A&E and maternity services being included if a fight is on.

This is because as Co-chair of the CARES group I, along with others, have been campaigning hard for our lost services for many years.

I believe the Southport public have a right to know your answers of the above request.

I look forward to your response.


Cath Regan

Co-chair, CARES

CC to concerned parties and individuals.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Smashed: Woodvale's dangerous Brook eyesore - the shame continues - UPDATED.

The derelict Brook building on the corner of Sandbrook Way is now threatening additional public danger, thanks to recent damage this weekend.

A makeshift tape barrier has been placed around a lamp post to warn pedestrians of broken glass that has fallen from the eyesore.

The broken window is however a serious concern due to loose and jagged pieces that may still fall to the ground at anytime.

Campaigners have warned for years of the dangers of leaving this ramshackle building in a growing state of disrepair. 

When will our Council finally wake up and take proper action?  

Authorities have been alerted.


14 November 2016 

Workmen arrived on the scene and secured the broken Brook window etc... 

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