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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Southport Conservative Party continue with disgraceful attacks against local residents, following the Regan article on street nationalism


Pat Regan

As a published writer who can wax controversial at times I like to get at the truth that many others sources often fail to address. For my previous troubles to highlight the truth I have already been threatened by Southport Tory Chief, Cllr Terry Jones.

Much of this fiasco followed the recent woodland fallout issue involving volunteer whistle blowers against ‘another’ Southport Tory, Cllr Ted Hartill.

Nevertheless, more recently I wrote a revealing article on street nationalism, which highlighted inconsiderate and opinionated politicians like Brian Duckett. This missive addressed how they can directly threaten the fragile social structure that we all hold so dearly.

This was the article heading, with link, which appeared on several sites.

Here Today – Gone Tomorrow! ‘Southport’s Tory hopeful ‘stands down’

Beneath this OTS story an exceptionally infuriated poster attacked my whole family and other groups.

This highlighted post below claims to show self-promoting ex-Tory candidate for the Southport MP’s role, Mr Brian Duckett, (allegedly) on the OTS NEWS site posting here as ‘TrueBlue’ and attacking the entire Regan family, travellers and anyone who just happens to hold any interest in UFOs.

No attempt is made by the distasteful poster to explain away the convincing claims that I made in the original article at all; claims in fact that have more recently resulted in other organisations requesting my permission to utilise my article, with one generously calling it "ground  breaking." 

This is the link and quite childish post in question that responds to my original article...

TrueBlue July 30, 2014

I don’t normally comment on such puerile “news” stories, but as I am the (ex) Conservative candidate referred to, I thought I should say a few words.

For some reason, this peculiar family from Woodvale (are they ‘travellers’?), whom I have never met, spoken to or had any dealings with whatsoever, seem to have it in for me. I have read on here (in fact we’re all tired of reading on here, ad nauseum) about their rather unhinged rants against certain other Conservatives, but why they should bother with me is anyone’s guess.

But wait a minute – just look at that bizarre story on a UFO website and all becomes clear. Yes, you read that right – UFOs. I’m not one to suggest that anyone is ‘a few sandwiches short of a picnic’, but perhaps we need to look no further for an explanation.

I suggest, Mr Regan, that you stick with playing with your tackle (fishing tackle, of course) and leave politics to those who have at least some grasp of reality. Most of us are on planet earth – feel free to join us.

Over and out.



This is a snipped image of his remarks... 


Now if this poster ‘TrueBlue’ is indeed Mr Duckett (as claimed) I would ask the following about his rather rambling post.

Does his somewhat disturbing post reflect his private (or Southport Tory) opinions concerning:

  •  The entire Regan family?
  • Anyone who ‘he’ believes has mental issues?
  • Anyone who holds a serious interest in extraterrestrial life/UFOs (including many respected writers, academics and scientists)?
  •  Does his tirade reflect his own personal prejudice (or Conservative policy) against anyone with an unorthodox life style, yes including travelling folk?

His post also shows his clear support for “other Conservatives” and disdain for my innocent family as above, via his offensive comment...  

“their rather unhinged rants against certain other Conservatives, but why they should bother with me is anyone’s guess.”

Does Mr Duckett refer to ‘all’ residents who merely raise concerns against his divisive policies as unhinged” or is this just dangerously selective bias against  just 'one' specific family?

We already ‘know’ that Mr Duckett divisively demands that the rest of us accept his and David Cameron’s pious decree that we all live in a “Christian” country

If all this is true then perhaps Mr Duckett’s overly emotional approach to the complex social/political structure of the UK simply failed to impress his more level-headed Tory mandarins in London, hence his recent political failure? 

Our pluralistic society requires adult-minded politicians today who at least hold a sense of social equality, respect and balance and ‘not’ the type that I highlighted within the original article like that certain little dictator in Germany.

Internet shouting matches, under weird pseudonyms, may impress some small minds but they mean very little to me.

I may add here that I have no animosity towards Mr Duckett and my previous comments were logical observations (shared by many others) that I made in response to his seriously out of touch political views and nothing more.

Nevertheless, he is clearly unable to tolerate fair criticism and this remains his problem alone! 

I write and speak as I find under my ‘real’ name and currently the compelling evidence at hand tells me that the Southport Conservative Party has become a lost ship without a rudder on incredibly stormy seas!

Are any of us really ‘that’ surprised?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Here Today - Gone Tomorrow! 

Southport's Tory hopeful  'stands down' a few weeks after this following article (below) went international on the famous UFO DIGEST website...coincidence or the final straw?

I make 'no' specific claims, yet soon after this article was uploaded onto the UFO Digest website Southport Tory, Brian Duckett, stated the following on his Facebook page..


After much deliberation, I have removed myself from the 'List' will will not be standing as a candidate in 2015. I believe that Conservative HQ has badly mis-managed the selection process and I understand that Southport will not have a candidate in place until at least October. Whilst this may be fine for a safe seat, the very short 'run up' period of 7 months is wholly inadequate to be able to run a meaningful campaign. It's a shame - Southport was a winnable seat and I cannot understand HQ's rationale in delaying selection when at least one suitable and willing candidate was waiting in the wings and raring to go. 

This was the UFO Digest article in question...


By Pat Regan 

The latest rise of street nationalism and the dangers of subliminal religious conformity. I smell serious jeopardy today in the rise of numerous xenophobic groups that are allegedly formed to defend our homelands against foreign inroads. 

Many of these one-sided groups are quietly egged on by egocentric politicians who care very little for the damage to social harmony that their jingoistic propaganda creates. 
Admittedly, it is not hard to understand why some communities feel threatened by foreign invasion. This is an age old problem for any community. It is also one that lethargic politicians who preach political correctness should address properly. We elect the fools to properly govern us but they let us down, time after time. They rely on ancient stereotypes and communal fear of change to keep us under control (obedient to ‘their’ preordained agenda) and we let them get away with it. 
Our Land and our religion – oh, is it really? 
Some perceptive religious activists shrewdly drift into the ranks of the anxious natives then sooner or later start to call the shots, via grabbing the moral high ground. 

I have seen through this facade recently in my home town with one Tory hopeful candidate, Brian Duckett, arrogantly telling the rest of us...

“We need to accept that Britain is a Christian nation and we must stop pandering to politically correct intolerance of those from other religions.”

This type of selectively offensive mind-spin, that equates nationalism with the Church, is not only outrageously flawed but also highly dangerous. Duckett’s quasi-patriotic, bible-banging, spiel is of course nothing new and the Tory Leader David Cameron tried a comparable self-promotional line, to grab supplementary Christian right wing votes, quite recently.

Mr Cameron and Duckett are playing the same game to ingratiate themselves, as the ‘Good-guys’, with the trusting masses in a very similar fashion to Germany’s leader some years ago.
Eager to win Christian hearts Hitler previously stated...

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….”

Adolf Hitler, Berlin, February 1, 1933

Many more examples exist.

NB. Of course, inflammatory and callous leaflets like Mr Duckett's are now often produced at Tory HQ to the equivalent dictums ready for the next election in order to outflank UKIP. Like all career politicians Duckett will say and do anything his Tory overseers tell him to do to acquire influence. Such is the shallow nature of politics. The latest appeal to Christians is to try to undo the widespread damage done by the Tories to their voting base over same-sex marriage, which lost them a lot of voters!

The almost identical way in which the above politicians all link Nationalism to the Church is astounding. The comparisons are authentic and they are extremely alarming. More disturbing still is the credulous way in which the controlled masses persistently fall for the subterfuge, without as much as a question.
The politicians’ well-worn words, us, we and ours are bandied about in an attempt to create a misleading visage of a body of opinion supportive of the one selected principle. This in fact is an exceptionally basic yet most ‘successful’ method of mind control that relies on sightless conformity (herd instinct) to ensure compliance toward a given creed, etc. 

The swing to the right in the European elections and the prominence of Christian democracy parties is ongoing. The SAFF in fact predicted this accurately when commenting on the ‘Breivik’ situation.

Christian fanatics such as this exist at the opposite end of the scale to militant Islamic ones. Essentially they are two sides of the same coin and hate begets more hate!
Before you know it the mass of supporters are indoctrinated into fighting an ‘us against them’ war of attrition that is based ‘not’ on noble patriotism but on blind conformity to a fantasy belief system (Holy War) such as the one dished out by the sanctimonious Church.  


Many vigilantes- type groups like to grab the Christian banner and stand behind it as some sort of indisputable ‘proof’ that they are the ‘Good guys’.  I am not just alluding to King Richard’s chums at the Crusades, the Nazis in WW2 or the somewhat intolerant KKK lads in white hoods. 
Over the centuries well-meaning but ridiculously naive populations in the West have permitted the powers of fundamentalism to hoodwink them into believing that Christianity was ‘their’ religious foundation stone. As with the early Nazis, today’s jingoistic zealots also seek to tell us that this alien faith from the East is somehow OUR religion. What utter poppycock. 
Britain for instance had a thriving spiritual ethos in Celtic dwellings long before the first intolerant, ‘one-god’ missionaries set foot on our green isles. In fact we had a successful and balanced earth-based spirituality long before the Roman legions arrived. 
Thus, the smug ones who now try to delude us into believing that the western lands are ‘Christian only’in heritage must be challenged at source! 
Such misleading religious propaganda simply will not do! It is an ethos based on blind ignorant conformity to religious dogma and has no basis in historical legitimacy! Moreover, self-satisfied assertions that the UK is a Christian land have been challenged by many scholars as bogus spin.
Calling Britain a "Christian country" sows seeds of dangerous division, a coalition of 50 leading scientists, writers and academics has said, criticising David Cameron for his spoken desire to infuse Christian values into society.

‘Gott mit uns’ (meaning God with us) was a common belt buckle feature of the ‘Christian’ soldiers of the Third Reich. 
History undoubtedly repeats itself because consecutive generations fail to learn from the mistakes of the past. Today therefore we have a situation in which religious fanatics in vigilante apparel and smug vote-seeking politicians are seeking to equate national pride with the Church. The collective dangers associated with such a defective form of political elitism remain as strong as ever! 
So yes, be proud of your country if you must but DO NOT let religious or political activists, with hidden agendas, delude you!

If you do then l sooner or later we all end up with an extreme situation, like Nazi Germany did in the 1930s-40s. 

NB. Regardless of the 'real' reason behind this impromptu stand down, Mr Duckett may have had second thoughts regarding his newly proposed political role. After all, would any sensible person ever contemplate working side by side with blundering political representatives (especially a local Tory party leader) who treat residents with such contempt and utter disrespect, as highlighted on this revealing following link?

The leading Southport news site, OTS NEWS, also highlighted Duckett's sudden stand down. In this link he was described as... 

'Hampshire Yacht salesman and London photographer Brian Duckett, self-appointed Tory-UKIP-Tory candidate for Southport'

The political and media spin we are carefully spoon-fed and the 'real' facts frequently remain poles apart.. 


Thanks also to SAFF for kindly running up my article on their hard-hitting site... 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

An hour on the Yarrow in June

Dull evening, but good wild trout
 on the fin!

It was a flying 'after-tea' visit to the beck and the evening looked very stormy.

Luckily I managed to stay quite dry and the storm passed over the river quickly.

The river was thin, due to lack of water, and very few flies were hatching 

Nevertheless, I was soon rewarded with a nice fit brownie that shot  all over the pool and led me a merry dance on my little, 5 foot, dry fly rod 

River Yarrow trout are lovely and very well marked 

Another wonderful River Yarrow glide that soon produced another good trout to the dry fly

All fish were caught on dries and returned to the beck 

More angling action here:

Thursday, 19 June 2014

28 Club members - spreading the thanks

Election won - now time to say 'Thanks'! 

Following the election victory by Cllr Haydn Preece, 28 Club members Pat and Scott today delivered hundreds of 'Thank you' leaflets to homes in Ainsdale, Southport. 

Hundreds of leaflets delivered but plenty more to do... 

We nearly ended up in Formby again... 

How we won....

Just because the election is over does 'not' mean that residents do not need to be warned about the current, two- man, totalitarian Tory regime of apathy and division in Ainsdale.

Don't do as we do - do as we say! Ainsdale's current Tory regime Hartill and Jones. 

How Tory Cllr Ted Hartill deals with long standing community volunteers (with full Sefton Council dictatorial backing from uncaring officers, Margaret Carney and Rajan Paul). 

Thankfully, a few good and more caring councillors like Haydn Preece (left) and Tony Crabtree have come out in support of the banned WWP volunteers with the official complaint against Cllr Hartill's Woodvale charity being the latest move.

Moreover, the local press recently reported that Cllr Crabtree had dumped the Tory Party and joined Labour. He stated:

“During the last two years I have become very disillusioned with many people in the local Conservative Party and extremely frustrated with the national Conservative Party for not dealing with the problems here in Southport. I feel the local Conservative Party has drifted away and has forgotten basic facts. Councillors are there to represent all their residents’concerns and worries both locally and nationally. I believe their policies have been to the detriment of Southport and the residents they claim to serve."

Full story:

Some of us in fact 'know' that Cllr Crabtree is 100% accurate in his cutting remarks about the Conservatives. For example, this is how Tory leader, Cllr Terry Jones, treats Ainsdale residents that he either dislikes or perhaps just feels threatened by... 

Can anyone in their right mind 'ever' trust the Southport Tories after all this divisive, own-goal, nonsense? 

Lack of basic good judgement, on the part of Cllr Jones and Hartill, is now well-documented and available for all to see! 

The battle for justice and basic commonsense in Ainsdale continues...!

Saturday, 14 June 2014


The 28 Club  Attend a Thank You Party at Cllr Iain Brodie Browne's House

This afternoon we had the pleasure of attending a celebration in Birkdale after our recent  success with Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece.

Subsequent  to the last election Cllr Preece won by just 28 votes, defeating the Tory candidate Jamie Halsall. 

Winners.... Cllr Preece with the 28 Club 

Southport MP, John Pugh 

All Libdem councillors from Ainsdale and Birkdale were in attendance 

Look out - Scott's found the cake ... 

Birkdale's Cllr Richard Hands 

Cheers..... 28 clubbers, Scott and Cath  

Jasmine and myself - enjoying the June sunshine 

Altogether a very pleasant afternoon, with some rather stimulating conversation... 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Digging over North Meols Civic Society's Garden

Digging the eco-action!

Geoff Wright asked if I would volunteer to dig over the North Meols Civic Society's Garden, so this afternoon Jason and I nipped down to Churchtown to shift a bit of soil...

Above: Geoff Wright and Gladys Armstrong of North Meols Civic Society

Above: Jason's never far away when heavy work needs doing - he loves it

The lads - ready to get stuck in... 

Warm work but at least the rain held off ... 

Almost finished  ..  

At last, all sorted out... 

It's never that easy to get hold of good volunteers and North Meols Civic Society is, like other groups, always seeking members so why not join them and help out in this worthy cause?