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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Friends of Brookdale at Southport Town Hall, 26 February 2015

2,028 signature strong petition

Friends of Brookdale today attended a Cabinet Meeting of the Council to put forward the 2,028 signature strong petition to keep the Brookdale Resource Centre open.

Many of the campaigners arrived to show a united objection to the original proposal to close the centre. Lindsay Scott gave an excellent five minute speech to put forward everyone’s concerns and reasons for it to stay open.

Above: Friends of Brookdale pictured at Town Hall with Cllr Liz Savage (blue coat)

Although Cllr Peter Dowd said there had been a U-turn to the original proposals, we felt it was still important that our voice was heard. There was another petition also put in by another person, to state discontent with the consultation process. The councillors in the Cabinet meeting voted in agreement with Cllr Dowd that the Brookdale Resource Centre was indeed to stay open.

The meeting was very highly charged and emotional as a lot of people in the ‘audience’ wanted to speak and were not allowed to due to the regulations of the council. Cllr Dowd said he will continue to liaise with Friends of Brookdale on its future.

Friends of Brookdale campaigners were ‘over the moon’ at the result today but will not completely feel safe until after the budget meeting on the 5 March 2015.

More here:

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ainsdale Countryside under threat!

Ainsdale Community Wildlife Trust (ACWT) and the battle against Sefton Council to save our fragile countryside

Public meeting over former playing fields site; details here... 

Turn Ainsdale into a sterile concrete jungle, with gridlock and overcrowding or preserve and even enhance the natural wild places that we have loved and cared for throughout countless generations?

Under Sefton Council's Local Plan more than 243 homes are earmarked for the site, which the charitable trust wants to make into a wildlife reserve. 

Of course at the end if the day it's all about money, money and 'more' money and to hell with wildlife (even when it's legally protected)  and our green places... 

For what it’s worth I left the following post regarding this subject on the Southport Visiter Facebook page...

Wildlife has no voice to protest; therefore it resides at the frequently pitiless mercy of mankind. Some of us with true compassion for wild places and the wonderful rare creatures that urgently require them do what we can to defend such havens. Since I was a child I have seen our old Southport countryside vanish and it is a massive eco-tragedy. My father was a tough old soldier but he would have wept at what has happened to the rural, green places. The choice is simple, do we want to concrete the fragile landscape everywhere or do we wish to preserve our beautiful untamed places for future generations to enjoy. My kids alone prefer to run in grassy meadows and hillside rather than breathe toxic car fumes and walk on tarmac in gridlocked cities. We do not own nature – we are simply a part of it and must grant it the sincere respect that it‘s truly due! When we have destroyed it all – it will be gone forever!


 Thankfully, some folk do appear to care a little more about the ecosystem than others and everyone needs to check out this informative link pronto...

And please do make sure you watch this brilliant ACWT visual walkthough so you know what sort of wanton eco-destruction Sefton Council wishes to undertake, via building on this lovely wildlife haven!

ACWT deserve full support from the Southport public today. 

The great joy such nature reserves give families is immeasurable.

Most of us may recall those balmy summer days in lovely natural places full of bird song and butterflies. Do we really want to destroy all that? 

Crimes against nature are appalling and must always be challenged. 

If we let them they will get away with it, time after time.

Call for Sports area? 

I am aware that Cllr Preece's campaign for keeping playing fields for the younger community is ongoing! I am as yet not familiar with the possibility to satisfy both calls for a nature reserve and sports facility. However, I would suggest that perhaps a fair compromise may be found so that both parties work 'together' for the common good to save this lovely area.

Better to have factions working together against land loss than at each other throats, via different agendas. 

The latter belligerent scenario would only help the land-destroying developers. 

As always I welcome feedback on these vital issues. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sound Familiar? 

First you attack a spiritual minority and later you suck up to the fundamentalists - that should win a few more votes hey!

This was an article from the Southport Champion about UKIP and my criticism of one of their players (Paul Nuttall), back in 2010...

Sefton and West Lancashire Pagans hit out at UKIP attack over holidays
19 May 2010
The region's Pagan community has reacted with uproar this week after a political party branded moves to let police officers celebrate their festivals as “madness”.

Pat Regan, founder of the Pagan Anti-Defamation Network, told The Champion on Monday, May 17, 2010, that a statement sent out by the UK Independence Party describing a ruling allowing Pagan police officers in Lancashire and Merseyside to take time off to commemorate their festivals as “politically correct madness” was offensive, and called for UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall to resign.

“I was saddened, shocked and appalled at recent comments made against the UKs Pagan minority by Paul Nuttall, MEP for the UK Independence Party. This type of negative diatribe against an innocent spiritual minority may in fact breach UK laws relating to Incitement to Religious Hatred. He may also be in breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and in particular articles 18 and 19. If Mr Nuttall values his own freedom of expression then he should be prepared to extend this essential liberty to others,” he said.

“Nuttall's disgraceful language belongs to a radical 1930s Germany and not a free and democratic UK 21st century society. I fully intend to expose and complain about Mr Nuttalls blatant ignorance and apparent bigotry, which may affect many ordinary Pagan families in society. After Pagans who will Mr Nuttall single out on next?”

The comments come after the Pagan Police Association has just been officially recognised as a 'diversity staff support organisation' by the Home Office, allowing Pagan police officers to take time off.

Mr Nuttall, who stood as UKIP's parliamentary candidate in Bootle at the general election, said in a statement issued to The Champion last weekend that Pagans had “unabashed sexuality and promiscuity”.

“These pagan festivals include believers behaving with 'unabashed sexuality and promiscuity', casting spells and dancing around naked,” he said.

“It is politically correct madness of high order for the Home Office to give this approval. Everyone is entitled to their own religious belief and if they want to use their holiday entitlement to be off for their festivals that's fine but it should not be a legal right.”

Lancashire Constabulary said it recognised the Home Office decision, saying:

“Lancashire Constabulary recognises that in order to effectively deliver policing services, the make-up of our staff needs to be fully representative of the communities we police and that religious needs and beliefs should where possible be accommodated in order to satisfy individual requirements.”

By David Simister

Nuttall was happy back then to have a crack at Pagans (a spiritual minority that was not supposed to hit back) and today he is courting the 'Fundamentalist' vote it seems...

So transparent and all been done before by so many self-seeking political types... 

Mr Nuttall is standing in Bootle ward at the next election. 

However, he was beaten in the same ward both in 2005 and 2010. 

Labour habitually smashes all opposition in this Liverpool ward and it most likely will again this year.  

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cath Regan - putting the facts straight!
By Cath Regan 

There seems to be quite a lot of silly speculation on this site (OTS News) about my political past, not that it has ANY bearing on this thread and situation. I refuse to use anonymous names and have only ever posted under my own name on this site, as admin knows,  as I am not afraid and do not feel the need to hide, unlike others.
Sandy, Kingy, thank you for the kind remarks (on above link), they are appreciated. To put the matter straight once and for all, I stood four times for the Conservatives in elections, Birkdale twice, Kew then Cambridge.
Yes, Pat Keith did win the year I stood and I have never held it against her or felt vindictive towards her, I had known and worked with Pat for years.  Actually Pat did me a big favour, as since standing my son has been diagnosed with ASD and has needed me close by to help him. So Toothache, Seamaster, etc,  stop playing silly political games here, as this is a thread to save a centre for the elderly with Dementia, which is very much needed in the community.
If you want to be political go and look at the Southport Conservative Facebook page at why I now do not have anything to do with them, as my comments have been online there for a long time. 

As far as I am concerned this matter is now closed and if you have any more energy try putting it into a good community cause, as it gives a lot of satisfaction to help someone in a positive way. 
Cath Regan,
Ainsdale Mum and local Campaigner
NB. this piece is also now on OTS news, where it has already received 'attention' via  several malicious posts from anonymous keyboard cowards who have not got the courage  to use their own names when addressing Cath..   

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Conservatives:  self-admittedly in 'favour' of ritual animal abuse!

The UK Conservatives are proudly shouting out that they are roundly making English Laws to suit the English people. 

They claim to be converting English votes into English laws! Oh really? 

These misleading and basically stupid Conservative claims are nothing but fantasy and typical election propaganda. The English people have a right to know what the Tories are actually playing at behind the scenes!

Prime Minister David Cameron is in fact  'backing' cruel  Ritual slaughter of animals, as prescribed under controversial Sharia law.

Mr Cameron has declared his support for Islamic bonds in the UK and said that halal meat would stay in Britain under his leadership. He said:
“Let me make it absolutely clear, that while I am Prime Minister of this country, halal is safe in Britain.”

So there we have it; David Cameron the Tory leader says that appalling animal abuse is "safe" under this remit. This cannot be denied as he clearly stated it! 

How can such a callous and brutal man ever gain enough power to run a nation? 

Consequently, we are expected to blindly accept the Tory claim that they are working for the English populace when most ordinary folks would  step back in horror at the suggestion that such Dark Age Sharia/Halal practices are to be strengthened under our UK laws. 


Palestinians Celebrate Eid Al-Adha By Slaughtering Animals

So, does having a party when bleeding a terrified animal to death sound like the sort of fun-filled addition to English Law we all want to see implemented, like Mr Cameron, in the UK? 

Apparently on occasion in some localities Halal killing requires the poor animal to be bled out in agony while sick - minded individual thugs watching and joking have some kind of jolly festival.

Halal is self-admittedly  "safe" in Cameron's hands so presumably all the UK  Tories who support this man as their British political leader also support this barbaric practice?


In our town of Southport we may reasonably ask:

Does the Tory Group Leader, Ainsdale's Cllr Terry Jones, also support such ritual animal abuse; or is he at loggerheads with David Cameron?

We do know how this man likes to make feeble threats (and secret tapes that the person being recorded is unaware of) against local residents, but has he any humanitarian concern for animals that have no voices to defend themselves with?

It is hard to have any respect for people who happily take from the public purse, give virtually nothing back and are basically 'invisible' to the electorate -  unless an election is near! Then it's all house to house running to get the spin through the letter boxes...

Even well-respected groups like the RSPCA are opposed to this type of horrific animal abuse - but oh no, NOT the smug Conservative leadership!

RSPCA say...

Key welfare issues of slaughter without pre-stunning

The Farm Animal Welfare Council (now Committee) (FAWC) report on the ‘Welfare of Farmed Animals at Slaughter or Killing’ June 2003 concluded:
  • The level of restraint of conscious animals required for slaughter without pre-stunning was far greater than for conventional slaughter.
  • A large cut made across the neck of a conscious animal would “result in very significant pain and distress” before the animal loses consciousness (around 5 to 7 seconds for sheep, 22 to 40 seconds for adult cattle).
  • “Slaughter without pre-stunning is unacceptable and that the Government should repeal the current exemption”. Until then any animal not stunned before slaughter should receive an immediate post-cut stun.

Does Mr Cameron not only oppose the RSPCA but also support all other aspects of Sharia Law I wonder,  such as the oppression, abuse and torture of women and children?

The Conservative Party in the UK has undoubtedly lost its way and become something very grotesque, anti-British and people who once supported it loyalty  must surely be asking serious questions today! 

Blood on our flag! 

Claiming to be supportive of the English Nation and its laws when the reverse is blatantly the case is a gross and unforgivable insult to all English people today! 

I write as I find and speak as I see fit! Consequently, when I 'quote' what leading politicians have actually said then I am expressing 'facts' and not simply personal opinions. Please bear this in mind when/if you decide to berate me as a mere messenger of what has been highlighted above!

Our ancestors DID NOT fight and die in wars to preserve the type of bogus, uncaring and brutal society the Tories are trying to enforce on us all today! 

We all (and especially innocent, voiceless, animals) deserve better than this! 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Save Brookdale - Petitions delivered today 

Update 19 Feb. 2015 

Cath Regan from the Friends of Brookdale campaign group today delivered the petition to Bootle Town Hall with the help of Jason and Jasmine. 

We also now have an email of acknowledgement and receipt from the council. 

If anyone has additional signatures for the petition then Cath will make sure they are used if you get them to her before 23rd February at the very latest.

She will then put a final figure on the Friends of Brookdale Facebook page to let everyone  know what the final count was.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Brookdale - People Power pays off!


'Recommended to the Cabinet that Brookdale should not be closed and should have further dementia patients referred to it.' 


18 February 2015 

This afternoon John Pugh MP and Libdem Candidate, Lynne Thompson, visited the Brookdale Centre to offer us welcome support in the fight to save this essential dementia facility

Additional and very welcome news was soon to follow this meeting... 

Cllr Liz Savage wrote the following post on the Friends of Brookdale Facebook page today. 

"I hope you have all seen the great news that it is recommended to the Cabinet that Brookdale should not be closed and should have further dementia patients referred to it. You can read the full proposals here: I'm really pleased that Paul Cummins came to Brookdale and could see for himself how valuable the centre is. Despite major government cuts to the council he is seeking to improve services and increase day care places across Southport from 495-600. Great news for the centre, users, staff and families."

Ainsdale's Libdem Cllr, Haydn Preece, who has been very supportive and attended several meeting at the centre stated:

"Saving Brookdale is great news, thanks to people power especially a great band of family carers and our petition. Plus pressure put on the council regarding poor consultation procedures, a lack of statistical evidence to justify closure and a lack of empathy with Southport. Well done to everyone who has saved a special place with super dedicated staff. We are thankful to the Cabinet member Paul Cummings to listening and reversing the original proposal. Cllr Haydn Preece Ainsdale Ward."


The dedicated team of people (Friends of Brookdale) that we have been working with throughout this campaign thoroughly deserve the centre to be saved. The brilliant staff and management who work at Brookdale sincerely deserve this outcome. We are so incredibly pleased for them. We must never stop working hard now behind the scenes to ensure this centre stays open and hopefully expands for all future users of this wonderful service.

Sincere thanks must be fairly given to the politicians who 'care' about this service and have listened carefully to our concerns: John Pugh MP, Cllr Haydn Preece, Lynn Thompson, Cllr Liz Savage, Cllr Paul Cummins.

Thanks also go to Daniel Whiston for supporting us, to the Southport Visiter, Champion, OTS news & Qlocal for highlighting our campaign. Thanks also to Emmeline Williams and also Brenda and Ken Porter for their support.

Everyone who has signed this petition has helped to make this centre stay open!

Thank you all so much.

NB. Friends of Brookdale member, Cath Regan, is however still taking the petition to Bootle Town Hall tomorrow.

We shall not stop until the recommendations have been fully accepted.