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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Sefton Council: happy to ignore Local Plan policy and recommend wholesale woodland destruction?

The faceless ones at Sefton Council have advised further on the felling threat to valuable woodland in George Drive.

They admit now that the majority of trees will be felled and that any remaining ones will be dropped later on, due to the new residents wanting more light in the new properties.

Consequently, Sefton’s bumbling Council is FULLY AWARE that the development will be an ecological disaster; destroy precious wildlife habitat and deeply affect existing residents’ quality of life, yet they still recommend that the controversial development should go full steam ahead. 

Council ignores expert advice, regarding lawful policy, from Tree Officer

Even their TREE OFFICER is against the impending eco-vandalism and considers it contrary to Local Plan policy EQ9. This policy expressly makes provision, stating that developments must NOT result in ‘unacceptable loss of or damage to, existing trees or woodland.’ 

Therefore, the Council appears to be now suggesting it is OK to simply ignore this lawful green policy and just allow One Vision Housing to destroy the entire woodland at will. Will we see a legal challenge to this important point? Have residents considered this?

NB. Within inconsistent correspondence received today the Council even referred to George Drive as a part of “Birkdale”. Since when has this Ainsdale area ever been in Birkdale? Such lack of basic concern for detail and accuracy tells us much about the Council’s convenient dismissal of the whole area.

The latest Council report on this approaching woodland destruction will be addressed in Bootle Town Hall, Liverpool, on 29 March 2017.

Campaigners had previously been informed, by a politician, that One Vision Housing had since altered the plans and were “leaving as much of the wood as possible”. So what exactly went wrong?

This ‘so-called’ Council is nothing but a dictatorial, rampaging bulldozer in a grey suit. It has noted and then totally dismissed all the well-presented reasons why this proposal is not wanted, not a good idea and even why it is potentially unlawful. It has also ignored the petition of over 400 names against the development.

Will we now see a rise in protest from Southport's politicians or will silence be the order of the day? 

The next time this detestable council speaks about caring for the ecosystem and starts to hand out trendy eco-awards to children, just remember this  revolting fiasco. No Southport green space is safe from this reckless – authority and that much is now proven. 

Sefton Council has ZERO respect for the vanishing green spaces of Southport and its residents. Their potentially illegitimate Ainsdale (not “Birkdale”) development recommendations, which we are seeing forced into place today, illustrates this regrettable fact well.

If Sefton politicians ever wish to be taken seriously on green issues and community rights they must do the right thing and vote against this appalling and highly destructive proposal. 

Pat Regan © 

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